When we say CLEAT, what we really mean is ‘the best’

“Bringing CLEAT closer to you” has been our goal as CLEAT hosts training classes across the State, spends months at the negotiating table to get the best contract possible, and sends the best attorneys in Texas to the scenes of critical incidents in the late hours of the night.

It is our mission to deliver the most as well as the best in service and benefits to every CLEAT member.

We’ve expanded and improved our regional attorney program so that we can guarantee an attorney is provided to you within minutes of a critical incident. Remember, CLEAT guarantees an attorney to the scene of a critical incident within two hours of being contacted or we pay you $1,000.

To date, we’ve responded to the highest number of critical incidents in our history. In the current climate of extremism and violence in communities against law enforcement, we intend to back you up no matter what happens. In addition to expanding our regional attorney program, we have hired an additional attorney in South Texas and will soon hire a new attorney in the Panhandle and Region 5.

We also have brought on labor expert Craig Deats, of Counsel, for assisting in negotiating contracts and advising the Executive Director and Legal Division.

CLEAT founder and former President, Ron DeLord is currently negotiating the San Antonio and Corpus Christi contracts for CLEAT as well. While providing attorneys for individual cases, CLEAT has also spent heavily in legal fees for the Fort Worth pension lawsuit and the San Antonio bargaining lawsuit.

We have hired the best attorneys in the nation for these cases. If you have not yet taken advantage of the free Will Program as a member of CLEAT, we encourage you to do so.

Last year, CLEAT successfully bargained 14 contracts. This year, we are in the process of negotiating all across the State. CLEAT also doubled its training budget this year. Many of the training classes hosted by CLEAT are provided either free of charge or at cost to members.

By the end of the year, we will have trained more than 10,000 officers.

This recent legislative session, law enforcement was under strong attack due to the national scrutiny of recent officer involved shootings. CLEAT was prepared for the fight in the Capitol. Our depth and experience in the legislative process helped us stop bad legislation.

Prior to the start of the legislative session, CLEAT PAC spent its funds on the campaigns of state representatives and senators and held private meetings informing new legislators on law enforcement issues. Being active during the political season helped us save your retirement.

We will not become a party to risking or losing any of your rights or benefits during a legislative session. As you will read throughout this issue of the Texas Police Star, our lobby team and leaders of law enforcement associations were fighting tooth and nail for you.

This year, we launched our new state of the art database that provides our members with more convenient access in registering for training classes, updating your contact and payment information and communicating with your fellow officers in your association. Our Tactical Bag app is also updated through this system.

While CLEAT has the most members in its history, and provides more services and member access to attorneys than ever before, we have no intention in slowing down. As you work overtime on your department job and later make your way to your extra job, we too are striving to bring CLEAT closer to you. And when I say CLEAT, I mean the best.


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